Thorncliffe Breakway Hockey
Congrats to all of the finalists and winners in the MLSE Team Up Foundation campaign. Thank you to all of our supporters for helping us achieve our goal! Click here to see the video of the official phone call we received from MLSE Read more
Tower Renewal / Vertical Poverty Project in Thorncliffe Park
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Annual Reports
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Thorncliffe Park
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TNO Ontario Early Years Events
Premier Kathleen Wynne is presented with messages of congratulations from the TNO Homework Club participants Feb 16th at the 'Dads Family Day Celebration' read more
Homework Club
The children of Homework club had the privilege of attending a pottery workshop by Penelope and Linda from "Potter's Studio", located in our own neighbourhood. read more
Ontario Early Years Centre
Premier Kathleen Wynne makes a visit to the Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office OEYC to announce increasing Child Benefits for Ontario Families. read more
Premier Kathleen Wynne visiting Neighbours Night Out Event on June 22 read more



CBC Video-Thorncliffe Community Garden


Please click the link below to see the wonderful video about the Thorncliffe Community Garden:

 Open-air tandoor oven opens in Thorncliffe Park CityNews: The Thorncliffe ParkWomen’s Committee opened an open-air tandoor oven in R.V. Burgess Park on Sept. 27, 2013. For more photos please check the following link :  

Paving a way for newcomers to succeed

By Jehad and Tahir

Immigration is as Canadian as hockey. Yet generations of immigrants continue to face barriers in their struggle to integrate into Canadian society and contribute fully to our city.

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Kids Rule in Thorncliffe Park

Toronto Star
Amy Dempsey Staff Reporter Census 2011, youngest median age, Thorncliffe Park, Canada, children Census 2011: Thorncliffe Park has more kids 14 and under

To listen to what CBC Metro Morning’s Mary Wiens has to say about this topic click below:


Our Community- Thorncliffe Park Drive

National News- CBC – Metro Morning April 24/4/2013

To listen to CBC Radio Metro Morning Report on Thorncliffe Park with Matt Galloway click below:

TV version of the interview with Matt Galloway.

TO Grid Article about Bamiyan Kabob:


Through your  support by voting online we were successful in our winning bid for a $ 25, 000 grant from MLSE Foundation towards Ice Hockey Program. A short update on our progress is as follows:

We have acquired hockey equipment for youth in the community. We have been able to support Grade 2 and Grade 3 students from Thorncliffe Park Public School to have opportunity to learn how to skate five times a year. We have 20 young boys and girls actively participating in the Leaside Ice Hockey School Program. We have a group of 30 youth that we take to Upper Canada College to learn to skate and play hockey. These programs enabled us to engage children and families in hockey that might not have had the opportunity otherwise. Children and volunteers were taken to their first Maple Leafs game and other interaction opportunities with professional athletes. We have developed a greater partnership with the broader community  of Don Valley West through these programs and efforts. This in turn has fostered a closer relationship with MLSE foundation and helped secure an additional grant of $ 100,000 over the next three years for this community. MLSE has also agreed to help us develop a house league program where they will train community members to become coaches, provide equipment and expertise to further enhance our opportunities for more kids to participate and have access to skating rinks. Thank you to MLSE for their generous support!