Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office is a multicultural, multi-service agency providing a wide range of community services since 1985.  We have more than 120 staff at service locations on Thorncliffe Park Drive and at 3 satellite locations in Toronto.  All of our services are free and available in more than 40 languages.

We are a model for neighbourhood programming and community development in Ontario.  In 2011, we were awarded the United Way Spirit Award for excellence in community giving.  We offer:

  • settlement services to 18,000 newcomers per year
  • one of the largest English language instruction programs in Ontario
  • workshops to help orient newcomers such as computer training, interview skills and networking strategies
  • mentoring and internship programs
  • programs for 4,500 children and youth per year

We are a non-profit organization funded through generous donations, government grants, foundation support and corporate partnerships.

We always welcome clients.  Visit us at 18 Thorncliffe Park Drive in Toronto, 416-421-3054


Featured Program

The Association of Professionals in Thorncliffe (APT) is a way for professional newcomers to meet their professional peers in the Thorncliffe and Flemingdon community. The group is led by an Advisory Committee made up of community ...

Language Instructions to Newcomers in Canada (LINC)

TNO has been providing English language training for over 20 years. In our Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program we have offer 12 English classes from Literacy to level LINC 7 (the highest ...

January 2015 – External new

TNO’s Child and Family Programs and Services on Global TV

Click here to view the frameless video.. Toronto’s income gap is growing, here’s what officials say they will do about it and how it affects an average family, this clip features TNO’s Child and Family ...

When the first day of school is also the start of a new life

As Caroline Mogomela, 13, and sister Tshepiso Mogomela, 17, say goodbye to their mother for the second time that morning, she lingers not wanting to see them go. It is their first day of high school, for Caroline ...