Settlement Services

Arriving in Canada, a new country and a new language, with your family or on your own can be confusing and disorienting experience. For more than 25 years, we have been assisting immigrants and refugees settling in Thorncliffe and surrounding communities. Our services are designed to support healthy social, economic and cultural integration and to enable positive contributions to the Canadian society and the community.

We have dozens of settlement workers who assist newcomers one-on-one with:

  • employment and job search (independent and guided)
  • filling applications (citizenship and immigration forms, child tax benefit, HST/GST applications,  birth registration and birth certificate applications, Health cards)
  • orientation to our health care system (finding a doctor, clinics)
  • school admissions and government programs (social assistance, workers compensation, subsidized housing, employment insurance)
  • registering for our workshops (Canadian culture and traditions, computers, English language, nutrition)
  • information and referral to other community services
  • interpretation, translation and advocacy

Our Settlement Workers speak many different languages, including Dari, Urdu, Punjabi, Russian, Farsi, Mandarin, Hindi and Pashto.

18 Thorncliffe Park Drive
Monday:          9-5pm
Tuesday:          9-5pm
Wednesday:    9-5pm
Thursday:        9- 8pm
Friday:             9-5pm
Saturday:        10–4pm

1 Leaside Park Drive
Monday – Friday 9-5pm

Crescent town ,  2a Market Place
Monday-Friday 9-5pm
Thorncliffe Library
Flemingdon Park Library
Parliament Library
Riverdale Library

LINC, Overlea

LINC, Don Mills

LINC, Kennedy

LINC, Ellesmere

LINC, Markham

LINC, Cummer

LINC, Willowdale

 In 2012—2013, we served 17,825 clients and including 7,525 new clients. They were able to independently navigate mainstream and community-based resources as a result of accessing our services.