Caregivers in Transition Program: Congratulations and Thank You in April

On Saturday April 29 , we held the first ever Volunteer Appreciation Day for the Caregivers in Transition Program. The event recognized the time, talents and supports that the caregivers provided to our program since its inception. Many of the caregivers during that time created a Program Advisory Committee, whose members speak with caregivers to identify their needs. These discussions provide valuable information used to develop programs and services for caregivers pursuing permanent resident status.The event last Saturday is a joint program with the clients who completed the Winter Basic English Literacy Program, in partnership with the Labour Education Centre. The English class also had its first graduation. The class graduated with smiles of confidence, receiving their certificates from the Labour Education Centre Literacy and Basic Skills instructor. Not only did they do well completing all in-class learning activities, but they were the first group to successfully complete work that is rated at a provincial standard.
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