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Children With Special Needs

Early intervention is crucial for children with special needs. We offer 2 free programs for children aged 0-6 years.

Growing Together

A small playgroup for children who are experiencing delays in their development. Children will learn appropriate social behaviour in a stimulating environment. During Circle Time, they will be introduced to music and creative arts. Facilitated by a Special Needs Resource Teacher, a major focus is to develop the fine motor skills needed to encourage writing. Informal screenings, resources and referrals are provided as needed. Parents meet other parents and share techniques to use at home. The program consists of 8 weeks. Free.

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Call 416-421-8997, ext 31 for Brendalee Paton
Ontario Early Years Centre
45 Overlea Blvd. Unit 108A

In 2013-2014  Adults: 20 — Visits – 55, Children: 21 — Visits – 48
In 2012-1013, 140 children visited the Growing Together program.


Over the Rainbow

A creative play group for children using music, art, drama and story-telling to explore feelings and behaviours. Sessions are facilitated by an accredited Play Therapist. Parents discuss topics in a supportive group environment and with staff. The program consists of 8 weekly sessions. Free.

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Call 416-528-9922 for Nikki Goldman-Stroh
Ontario Early Years Centre
45 Overlea Blvd. Unit 108A

In the 2012-2013 year, we served 26 children and their parents.
in 2013-2014 we served 29 children and 27 Caregivers

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