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School Readiness Program

Our goal is to prepare children for school. We offer a unique free program for parents and children who will be starting school in September. We understand the challenges that families are faced with when starting school. Our registered School Readiness Program is a five day intensive program which offers children and their parents/caregivers the key skills and knowledge they will need to be successful in school.

We transform our centre into a school setting. The children are engaged in structured activities that allow them to have a smooth transition into school life. The children build self-esteem, develop a positive attitude, and learn some key school readiness skills. While the children engage in activities preparing them for school, each week there is a parent workshop on topics such as understanding the school system and the TDSB curriculum, the importance of communicating and being involved with the school, separation anxiety, routine and self-help skills for their child, and healthy, nutritious eating habits.

Once the families have completed the program, we continue to work with the school and families to assess how their child is transitioning into the school setting.

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In the 2012‒2013 year, we served 90 children.
2013-2014 Adults: 37 — Visits – 162, Children: 42 — Visits -162

My name is Tabbsum. I have two children and my older child will be going to school this year. I attended the School Readiness Program at Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office. This is a really very helpful program to help get children ready for school. All the activities are based on the upcoming kindergarten curriculum.

What I noticed the most in my child was that he became more co-operative, his ability to problem solve and he developed self-help skills. Being a parent whose first child is going to school in Canada, this program really helped me gain many skills and information through the informative workshops provided by the staff. Having a teacher from the local school come in and answer questions and explains the school system to us was very beneficial.

I now feel that me and my child are excited and ready for school. Thank you!!”

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