Tree For Me @ TNO

This fall, TNO is very excited to be a host for the Tree For Me program, an initiative of the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation (TPTF). Tree For Me connects Toronto residents to free trees that can be planted on their properties in an effort to help Toronto increase its tree canopy cover. Read more about Tree For Me here:

Tree For Me is for anyone with outdoor (ex.front/backyard) space on their property to plant a tree or two.  Follow the steps below if you would like to participate in the Tree for Me program. Trees are small in size so that they can be easily transported by car or public transportation.

Step 1: Take the Tree-Matching Quiz to find out what tree is best for you conditions here:

Step 2: Register for a tree online or in-person and collect it at  TNO’s event on Sun. Nov. 19th from 2-4pm in Leaside Park (5 Leaside Park Dr). *You must attend the event in order to receive your tree.*

> Follow this link for online registration Please scroll to find us. The    deadline for online registration is 9am on Thurs. Nov. 16th.

   > In-person registration can be done at the event on a first-come first-served basis. The amount is limited and only 3 types will be available (Red Maple, Serviceberry and White Cedar).

Step 3: Attend the event to learn about tree planting and care and receive your tree. *You must participate in the planting and care workshop at the event in order to receive your tree*

Step 4: Plant your tree and map it here:

For more information please contact Esha Kidwai at or 416-467-0126 / 416-424-2900 x 22.

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