About Thorncliffe Park

In dozens of high rise apartments, in an area 1 square kilometre, people from over 25 countries live, work, shop and go to school.  Thorncliffe Park has always been a first stop for newcomers to Canada.  Built in the 1960s and 70s as a planned community, the area was developed to house families from the baby boomer generation.  Designed for 12,000 residents, there are now over 30,000.

Thorncliffe Park has:

  • the highest percentage of the under-14 population in Canada (34% of Thorncliffe residents are under 14 years)
  • one of the highest population growth rates in Canada (13% since 2006)
  • the largest elementary school in North America (with over 1900 kids)
  • Ontario’s first, and only, all-kindergarden school
  • has a median income 40% lower than Toronto’s average.  A typical two-income family earns $40,000 and lives in one of North America’s most expensive cities.
  • has one of the highest unemployment and child poverty rates in Ontario, a reflection of the many new arrivals who struggle to enter the Canadian job market.
  • lacks affordable housing.  Most of the rents in Thorncliffe are at market value.  Residents spend over 30% of their income on housing, compared to 17% for the rest of Toronto.

Thorncliffe Park is a safe neighbourhood with a strong sense of community and good schools. Thorncliffe Park prides itself on welcoming Canada’s next generation.

We are proud Thorncliffe Park has become a destination for visitors from around the world. Key government officials and senior civil servants from many other countries have visited to learn our best practices in social services, community development, and program development. We are honoured that the governments of Germany, Sweden, and Finland came to learn how we help newcomers.