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The Elder Person Consortium & The Seniors’ Web

Mission Statement

We are a partnership committed to supporting seniors, particularly those most isolated, to connect socially, access services and resources, and improve overall quality of life for a healthier and more resilient Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood.

Vision Statement

Seniors in Thorncliffe Park are empowered to thrive. The services include:


A. Chronic Conditions & Prevention Management
Services Description
Self-Management Medication It consists of educational & informative workshops on handling & managing self –medications for seniors with chronic conditions. The workshop provides information and teaches practical skills. It gives the senior clients the confidence and motivation they need to manage the challenges of living with chronic health conditions.
Chronic Pain Self- Management Chronic Pain Self-ManagementSeniors in Thorncliffe who are living with chronic pain will be provided services; participants will learn the benefits of exercise & healthy eating, use of medications, communication skills, pacing activity & resting


B. Active Aging
Services Description
Health Prevention & Management
Recreation & Wellness Activity Recreation & Wellness ActivityIncludes varieties of drop-in activities, mental health services, sports, fitness & recreational activities for seniors in Thorncliffe
Healthy & Active Living Healthy & Active Living Seniors will be provided with social services, volunteerism, and mentorship to support continuous engagement and the de-isolation of seniors
Foot Care Senior Foot CareA Chiropodist will be available in Thorncliffe to provide free services for our seniors in the community
Workshops & Talks (Chronic Disease, Diabetes, Healthy Eating, Elder Abuse & Safety, Seniors benefits & services) Informative workshops & info sessions about health & nutrition, seniors’ protection & safety, seniors’ benefits & services available in the community will be provided
Flu Clinics All seniors including the isolated will have access to free flu shots clinics in the neighbourhood
Mental Health Services Specialized services for seniors with mental health needs would be provided through information sessions and group discussions in partnership with service providers
Financial Health& Information
Financial Literacy Financial LiteracyInformative workshops will be provided to educate, inform and orient seniors on financial management and planning to eliminate financial abuse


C. Community Support Services
Services Description
Bereavement Support This project will provide comfort and support to seniors and their families/caregivers suffering from the loss of a loved one.
Transportation Transportation services will be facilitated to seniors in Thorncliffe who have mobility problems with minimal/affordable fees. The transportation resources of partner agencies will be utilized.
Telephone Support Seniors living alone or in isolation will be provided with security checks to make sure that they are living safe and healthy.
Appointment & Escorting Volunteer seniors will assist other seniors by escorting them to doctors’ appointments & multiple service locations.
Settlement Services Settlement ServicesSeniors in Thorncliffe will be provided with one on one service to support the integration and settlement of seniors in Toronto.
Interpretation InterpretationFree interpretation service will be provided to ensure accessibility to services and support.
Visiting Hospice for End of Life Care End of life support will be provided by trained volunteers who will spend time with seniors who are living with life- threatening illnesses. This includes offering companionship, emotional support & practical assistance to senior clients & short-term relief to clients’ families & caregivers.
Case Management This project will facilitate the achievement of senior clients’ wellness & autonomy. This will be done by professional Case Managers who will collaborate with possible & appropriate service providers & resources. All care provided will be safe, effective, client centred, timely, efficient & equitable.
Friendly Visitation Vulnerable & isolated seniors will be provided friendly visits.
The Seniors’ WEB: A Centre for Wellness, Engagement and Belonging
(A Working Title for the Elder Consortium)

We are a partnership committed to supporting seniors, particularly those most isolated, to connect socially, access services and resources, and improve overall quality of life for a healthier and more resilient Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood.


Seniors in Thorncliffe Park are empowered to thrive.


BELIEF STATEMENTS (to guide the collaboration)

  1. Collaboration
    We encourage the involvement, input and full participation of all partners and stakeholders.
  2. Diversity and Inclusion
    We value, promote and respect all humanity and embrace our unique identities.
  3. Access and Equity
    We honour every senior’s right to self-determination and access to resources and services.
  4. Transparency and Accountability
    We commit to accountability through open dialogue, transparency and fiscal responsibility.


VALUES (to guide services)
We Value…
Accessibility: We are committed to every senior’s right to access programs and services.
A Welcoming/Open Door Approach: We promote an honest and trusting environment where every senior feels welcome.
Seniors: We honour and respect seniors’ contributions.



Alberto Rodil, Program Cooridnatorat (416) 467-0126,

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